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.Friday, January 16, 2009 ' 09:08 Y

trip to hk. a different experience this time round. a christmas cum new yr feel there. haha.
1) photo wft my princess
2) she super duper happy, cheeky face when the plane landed in hk.
3) the MUST TRY thing...
roast pork, goose n duck.

4) had steamboat at fren's hse. their apartment = to our 3 rm flat. is cold in the hse w/o aircon. partly she lives near the sea n its COLD in hk!!! im wearing socks n sweater in the hse!!!!

5)disneyland on NEW yr's eve... had countdown there till 0030. a diff feel. quite a number of new theme built up. but i still njoy japan's disney. hahaa!

becoz of the season, there's nt much to shop. din shop dead there. that's the saddest thing. n yet i can spend S$700 excluding makan. just cant understand hw $ just disappeared. my niece reali walked wft us till 01oohrs every night. even dosed off when walking. she is nt allow to be carried la. lolx.

Speaking the Truth

.Tuesday, November 25, 2008 ' 00:10 Y
things haven been going smoothly for mi. might b a court case!(cross finger)
she is fine, n for home. the next moment collapsed in the toilet. totally shock to me. just spoken to her an hr ago n popp... she's gone.

BP low n the idiot man send it to our ward. siao la.. CCU la... nt us. anyway, he transited n sent up immediately. crazy freaks la! i m nt prepared for another code for consective 1 wk.

falling sick agin. hw to recover? thks to all them hu cough directly at my face when im giving IVs... hw much "air" i had breathe frm them.

finally got myself a new phone... nt the model i like actually but just nid a phone to survive. im still enjoying student benefits... cant believe it la. hahahaha!

Speaking the Truth

.Friday, November 14, 2008 ' 22:47 Y
im representing my ward to take photographs. don noe whether izzit a gd thing? scared they r jealous abt mi being chosen. just don wan any conflicts. i got no motive, just wan to wrk n get out of the place after experience. n 1 shit thing... i got to come back during my off day. nonsense la. 2ml must go tell sis abt this nonsense tat she had planned.

hmm... hpefully things are going smoothly. like the way it is nw or its improving, it will be great. hahaha!

Speaking the Truth

.Thursday, November 13, 2008 ' 20:34 Y
its so troublesome to get mc. still must go back to c the RMO to endorse the mc. n wat, they say my mc is overdue. wth! cant key into the com. anyway, my sis saw the mc, its up to the HR. ma fan!

back to wrk. tired, lazy, reluctant to wrk. after the morning med, there's the next round of afternoon med. its like whole day sticking onto the IMR, haven got the chance to look at the case notes or changes. i waiting for pay rise la. hping to get mre after my sis had submitted the appraisal.

its going to be DECEMBER!

Speaking the Truth

.Friday, November 07, 2008 ' 11:14 Y
my voice is gone. cant even utter a wrd out. feel like take MC but 2day in charge is gd. infact all colleagues are gd to wrk wft except for 1 mayb. haha... but i m still able to get out of the bed, so stil quite fit for wrk.

Speaking the Truth

.Friday, October 31, 2008 ' 15:38 Y
i learning to be strong n confident in my skills.

part 1

last wk, this old man nearly coded in the xray department. n i was the onli 1 there. the radiographer don not anything, she kept insisting the pt can go for CT scan. wth, Saturation is dropping la. 73%, kept coughing. chesty. i almost stood there n cry. called my in charge back in the ward, she tot mi wat to do. i noe i must do suctioning but the fact tat i don dare to do. but i manage in the end. seriously, he almost coded. i will die standing if it reali happened.

part 2

going out duty soon. answered the last col bell of the day, din realise she freak mi off. she said some1 is looking at her n ask mi to chase 'it' off... WTH!!!! my hair stand la. acting calm by asking her to hold on, n asked my in charge to handle. kaoz.... they moved her to another bed. i din dare to walk in. lolx.

part 3

i reali hate suctioning. when ward is too busy, i reali cant ask any1 to help or supervise mi la. just DO it myself la. abit useless though but reali no guts.

2day is another super busy day. din had the time to pee, drink or sit. no matter hw busy, i will still eat but 2day reali no time to eat. i understand when some1 is reali busy, this is the situation. u rather control ur bladder, save the time walking to the toilet n used it to do ur wrk.
just walking briskly for the whole morning serving med, stat dose, do changes, OT cases. in fact all of us is busy la. time passes fast. the IVs is killing mi especially in the morning. n hate most when brannular is blocked. shit!

Speaking the Truth

.Tuesday, October 21, 2008 ' 17:34 Y
i have been going hme late frm wrk lately. admission kept flowing in n my 'dear' sis cut staffing. she is nuts la. knowing is mon n still cut dwn staff. we had 11pt on sun, we done 8 admission on mon afternoon, n 7 admission this morning. 1 time came 2 admission. wao lao, hu can handle this nonsense. n operation is another hr times. siao la!

but life is challenging wft this kind of nonsense. it keeps my heart palpitating.

i love fiery BBq chix

Speaking the Truth

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